DJ Basilisk - Heliocentric


Heliocentric is the sound of summer: sixteen upbeat tracks smoothly mixed into a journey that softly builds from thoughtful grooves toward an energetic peak. The introduction is purposefully sedate, though Cosma’s song rapidly catalyses the emotional power of the developing storyline. The mix keeps on pumping steadily until Jaïa’s From Tokyo, when a funky tribal twist alters the trajectory and sends the mix spiralling up into the full-on morning trance style of Psypilot and Mr. Peculiar. The last track is a winning remix of an old classic which is sure to leave one with a lingering sense of residual warmth and satisfaction.

Track Listing

  1. 01 Vatos Locos - Innovato Dragonfly Records
  2. 02 Matenda - Force Majeure Flow Records
  3. 03 Cosma - People On Hold HOMmega Productions
  4. 04 S>Range - Microchip 23 Spirit Zone Recordings
  5. 05 BLT & Danny Makov - News Iboga Records
  6. 06 Chromosome - Borderlines Y.S.E. Records
  7. 07 Ace Ventura - Cardiac Arrest (Zen Mechanics Remix) Iboga Records
  8. 08 FREq - Cosmic Nature Z.M.A. Records
  9. 09 Natural Flow - Flying Toaster Groove Zone Records
  10. 10 Jaïa - From Tokyo Digital Structures
  11. 11 Magnetrixx - Syntex AP Records
  12. 12 Silver Surfers - Mudjaji (Protoculture Remix) Nano Records
  13. 13 Psypilot - Full OM Turbo Trance Records
  14. 14 Orion - Groove Control Solstice Music
  15. 15 Mr. Peculiar - Crystal Energy Sonic Dragon Records
  16. 16 Blue Planet Corporation - Alidade (Wizzy Noise Remix) Candyflip Records


  • Recorded on January 13th, 2006, at Junction Studio, Toronto. Length: 79 minutes, just under the limit of a CD.
  • Heliocentric is my second shot at making a harmonic mix, blending melodies in complimentary keys for the majority of the transitions between tracks. This allows me to mix for longer periods of time, enriching the flow with a greater degree of musicality.
  • 18,000 downloads and 2,000 listens as of March 2019.
  • This was one of several early mixes also distributed on CD-r. The original back cover is available here.

Time Periods


  1. I like it very much, the mixing is top notch, the track selection is a very nice blend of melodic stuff out there without going into any
    cheesyness and pumpin psychedelic sounds and melodies constantly. I especially like the last part of the mix with psypilot, mr peculiar, orion Blue Planet Corporation. nice tunes for the summer.
    keep em comin.

  2. Good job, man. The mixing is smoooth and the track selection is top-notch as always.

  3. Again nice job. I’ve been listening to this and Replicant Redux in rotation while working, and I love them.

    They make me think hard about seeing if I can bring you out to Vancouver sometime.

    Anyways if you ever want to make it this way, let me know and you have a place to stay and I should be able to hook you up some gigs.

    Also if you think of coming this way for Shambhala or Soundscape post it to the events so I can be sure to hit the right party.


  4. good solid mix with a blend of old and new tracks. didn’t have a chance to listen to it full blast (at work right now), but it seemed smoothly mixed with a good progression. i’ll check it out later when i get home and give you some more feedback…

  5. Very nice indeed! ‘though it’s not my fav genre, it’s a very well done mix of a good track selection. Listening for 2nd time in a row 🙂

  6. This kicks ass! Silver Surfers – Mudjaji OMG YES i always wanted to know what that track was called (had it on an older compilation but no tracklist)

  7. really good mix, i had the room all ambient and it sounded good

  8. Exceptional… Watched the sun rise in Rome listening to it… Perfect. Will be riding Nurberg to sections of this album.
    The mans got talent… THINK… Sports bike, for your next album… We need the music, you have the skill, simple… Ha.
    Cheers Kevin.

  9. finding Ektoplazm was a blast, with these mixes added it’s essential psy listening. Great mixes, great tunes. Who could want more (oh, but we do!!!!)

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