DJ Basilisk - Ybyzär 19


Basilisk pays tribute to the early millennial sound of French psytrance, techtrance, and progressive on Ybyzär #19, a guest mix commissioned by me_diafan and broadcast on the Nantes-based Radio DY10 in June 2022. This concept mix focuses on the “French touch” of psytrance, with representation by many of the major figures in the scene from 1998 to 2005. The journey begins with Gothic-industrial soundscapes, digs deep into cacophonous techtrance and pumping progressive rhythms, gathers steam with twilight full-on beats, eventually emerging into the morning light with timeless trance melodies and blissful orchestral strings.

Track Listing

  1. 01 Holeg & The Spies - Godisnotgoth Aurinko Records, 2003
  2. 02 N.T.S.X. - Dreamshot Atomic Records, 2000
  3. 03 Cypher - Riding on a White Rabbit Question Mark ?ecords, 1998
  4. 04 Cameleon - Love Cricket XIII BIS Records, 2001
  5. 05 Authentik - Solid d.Drum / GTN (Global Trance Network), 2001
  6. 06 Synthetic - Cosmos 99 Twisted Records, 2001
  7. 07 Three Point Turn - On The Edge Hadshot Haheizar, 2002
  8. 08 Tetraktys - Sphere Zillion Mental Anarchie Records, 2004
  9. 09 Deedrah - Far and Away Hadshot Haheizar, 2001
  10. 10 Bamboo Forest - Still Spirit Zone Recordings, 2003
  11. 11 Silicon Sound - Electro Body Music Neurobiotic Records, 2003
  12. 12 Altöm - Renegade Spirit Zone Recordings, 2003
  13. 13 Talamasca - A Frenchman in Tokyo Arcadia Music, 2003
  14. 14 Tikal - Aura Neurobiotic Records, 2003
  15. 15 Bamboo Forest - Step By Step Dragonfly Records, 2002
  16. 16 G.B.U. - Pura Vida TIP.World, 2001
  17. 17 Triptych feat. D-Mush - Mystical Hildegard Shiva Space Technology, 2003
  18. 18 Deedrah - Cycles of Life 2003 MP Records, 2003
  19. 19 Jaïa - Orchestra 2.0 Digital Structures, 2005


  • Conceived, arranged, mixed, and mastered by DJ Basilisk in Taipei, Taiwan, June 2022.
  • Recorded with Traktor 3 and a Korg Nanokontrol.
  • Mastered in Ableton Live using TDR Nova and LoudMax; wave surgery conducted with Audacity.
  • Cover image: DJ Basilisk playing at the Funhaus in Toronto circa 2007, around when I still would have been playing many of these tunes.
  • Six tracks included in this mix were edited for quicker transitions, easier layering, or to fix errors in the original recordings.
  • The resulting mix neatly fits onto an 80 minute CD, which was generally how I made and distributed mixes in the early 2000s (e.g. Heliocentric, Mystic Revelation, etc.).
  • I was initially asked to contribute a mix featuring any sort of Y2K-era sounds but quickly decided to challenge myself to arrange a mix of 100% French psytrance.
  • This is actually my second attempt at this project; back in the early 2000s I released a mix entitled Geographika: France that attempted pretty much the same thing, but it’s nowhere near as good, and I no longer publicize this old mix. Perhaps I’ll get around to continuing the series some day.
  • Originally debuted as part of a much longer broadcast featuring an additional three hours of music from the hosts.


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