Basilisk’s Essential Selections: Introduction


This post introduces my Essential Selections project, a sprawling series of lists of music I enthusiastically recommend, or at least find interesting and noteworthy. The scope of the project is quite broad: it spans the entire history of underground electronic music from the late 1980s to present and includes any sort of music I might play under the name Basilisk, namely psytrance, techno, progressive house, IDM, downtempo, and an eclectic assortment of adjacent styles. This project is not intended to be authoritative nor definitive; I’ve put a lot of work into making and maintaining these lists, but they are merely a reflection of my personal taste in music, and music taste is highly subjective. Expect my selections and rankings to change over time as I discover new music and reconsider existing choices.

Introduction 2019

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Welcome to my homepage, a newly launched blog organized around my activities in the electronic music scene. My intention is to pick up where I left off with my old blog, Ektoplazm, which evolved into a music distribution portal and record label group in 2008. Prior to that I had been sharing my mixes, local Toronto-area event listings, record reviews, intriguing quotations, and opinion pieces about various aspects of the music industry. After Ektoplazm became more known for distributing original music I began to obscure most of the more personal content on the site, and eventually removed almost all of it. I kept several of my DJ mixes online but even those began to feel somewhat out of place amongst all the Creative Commons-licensed music. In the mid-2010s I started using services like Mixcloud to host my mixes, declining to promote my work as Basilisk on my own homepage, with only a few exceptions for projects directly related to Ektoplazm’s new direction. I also gave up on blogging about electronic music culture apart from the odd post on Facebook, but I’d rather not exclusively rely on corporate-controlled social media to express myself. Evidently I needed another outlet for my work in electronic music culture—which is precisely what this site is intended to be.