DJ Basilisk - Voyager


Recorded in 2004, Voyager was conceived as a journey through several different styles of psychedelic trance: funky, technoid, dark, full-on, progressive, and morning. My goal was to move fluidly through the many realms of sound popular at the time, keeping it lively and upbeat while capturing something of the psytrance zeitgeist. The title is a tribute to the Voyager space probes, both of which are now well on their way beyond the outer solar system, travelling deep into the abyss.

Track Listing

  1. 01 Kiwa - Alpha Sector Surreal Audio
  2. 02 Loopus In Fabula - THX (Decoder Mix) Fabula Records
  3. 03 Psychoid - Fantastic Planet Dragonfly Records
  4. 04 Koxbox - 911 Vision Quest
  5. 05 Neoris - Land of Tears Horns and Hoofs Entertainment
  6. 06 Prometheus - Universe Twisted Records
  7. 07 Jupiter 8000 - Dust to Dawn Avatar Records
  8. 08 Mr. Peculiar - Frontal Reversal Timekode Studios
  9. 09 Rastaliens - Agohauey BooM! Records
  10. 10 Mekkanikka - Ancient's Cult Spirit Zone Recordings
  11. 11 Human Blue - Demon Dance Spiral Trax
  12. 12 Wizzy Noise - Electrify Spun Records
  13. 13 Reefer Decree - Pong Sundance Records
  14. 14 Son Kite - Game + Watch Digital Structures
  15. 15 FREq - Nurbs Iboga Records
  16. 16 Vibrasphere - Broad Bandits Sub Machine Records
  17. 17 Cosma - The Time Has Come HOMmega Productions
  18. 18 12 Moons - The Voyage Transient Records


  • Recorded on a pair of Pioneer CD decks in 2004, probably CDJ-100s.
  • This might have been my first mix on CDs. It is the oldest mix I have posted online and it certainly sounds that way; the mixing is without nuance and some transitions are rather rough, but it’s certainly listenable.
  • I personally ripped the track by Mr. Peculiar from the Syncrosect DVD for use in this mix. It isn’t released anywhere on CD.
  • A CD-length edit of this mix was made by cutting the first three songs and starting from 911. I used to burn this mix to CD to give away at parties in the mid-2000s.
  • The original cover design features a blue theme with a schematic representation of the Voyager space probe.
  • New cover art based on public domain imagery of the Voyager Golden Record.

Time Periods

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