DJ Basilisk - Mystic Revelation


Mystic Revelation is a curious blend of contrasts, uniting the forces of dark and light in a driven melodic journey. Ninja’s Show Time kicks it off, immediately involving the listener in a deep fusion of full-on energy and balanced atmospheric sounds. The slightly Gothic character of the mix becomes apparent by the time Dark Soho’s track glides in. The keystone is Logic Bomb’s Marauder 2, the strongest example of the yin and yang contrasts evident throughout the tale. Soon the mix takes a deeper turn, diving into the holy choirs of Infected Mushroom’s Facing and mysterious vibrations of Meller’s Valhalla. The story concludes with The Higher Human Form’s I Hear Them Call, an ethereal comedown possessed with an epic quality.

Track Listing

  1. 01 Ninja - Show Time Oxygen Records
  2. 02 Mr. Peculiar - Alien Mushrooms Spirit Zone Recordings
  3. 03 Lemurians - Phrygian Shiva Space Technology
  4. 04 Orion - Rolling Stone Solstice Music
  5. 05 Dark Soho - Away Alchemy Records
  6. 06 Psysex & Infected Mushroom - Dirty 80s (Wrecked Machines Remix) HOMmega Productions
  7. 07 Logic Bomb - Marauder 2 TIP.World
  8. 08 Sesto Sento - Primi TB Com.Pact Records
  9. 09 Menog - Emotions Spectral Records
  10. 10 Infected Mushroom - Facing Vision Quest
  11. 11 Meller - Valhalla Tribal Vision Records
  12. 12 Wizzy Noise - Majestic Wisdom Spun Records
  13. 13 The Higher Human Form - I Hear Them Call Z.M.A. Records


  • Recorded on November 15th, 2005, at Junction Studio, Toronto.
  • This mix is one of my first experiments in harmonic mixing.
  • A back cover also exists since this was distributed on CD-r.
  • 20,000 downloads as of March 2019.

Time Periods


  1. Thank you! As for the licence, as noted on the Some Rights Reserved page, mixes without a license are released under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5” license available here. Share it freely, but give credit and don’t sell it 🙂

  2. In the readme shipped with your mixes are no licence conditions mentioned, so I suppose all your mixes (inc. the tracks you used in your mixes) are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivation 2.5″, right?

    P.S. Your other mixes are also great. Keep up good work. I am looking forward to hear more of such good stuff. Especially I would like to have a mix containing more tracks with old-style TB-303 acid lines mixed with warm synths and pumping bassline. I love the sound of the TB-303!

  3. Yes, all of my mixes thus far default back to that license. Thanks again, and I’ll keep your comments in mind… I am sure to have an old school mix loaded with 303s up one of these days!

  4. Cool, then I am looking forward for your new mix! Again thank you for sharing your mixes to the world.

  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your excellent mixes.
    ALL your mixes are pure quality, you are very talented!!

  6. excellent mix n full on full power! how can i get all ya music?


    psytrance lovin pal

  7. this mix is so classy, I feel under-dressed just listening to it.

    it’s so obvious that you’re not just throwing random songs together, like so many DJs unfortunately do, but you know what song actually goes with what, and what sounds great together! I can tell a lot of thought went behind this mix.

  8. Clicked on download mp3 but it only plays the file and doesnt give option for download

  9. yeh same it s annoying cos i really want this mix
    i was wondering if u get over 2 australia much cos we would love 2 have u at solstice up north

  10. Right-click and “save as” to download the MP3 file!

    I’ll get to Australia one of these days 🙂

  11. Basilisk thanks for these musics the best ones,if somewhat more full like this could be full on.From hugary Respect

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