DJ Basilisk - Live at Eclipse 2009


This set was recorded live at Eclipse 2009, a psytrance festival held at the Bonnet Rouge campground in Ste-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, Québec. My time slot was 9pm to 11pm on Friday, the opening night. Since people were just arriving I opted to play a deep and driving blend of techno and progressive psytrance to warm up the crowd and get everyone excited for the three days and nights of music to come. As with any live recording there are a few imperfections but I am mostly happy with how it all came out. Given how early I was on, many of my friends from Toronto were unable to catch it, so posting this set is also my way of saying “here’s what you missed!”

Track Listing

  1. 01 Dominik Eulberg - Sansula (Max Cooper's "Lost in Sound" Mix) Traum Schallplatten
  2. 02 Gui Boratto - Matryoshka Nervous Records
  3. 03 SHIN - Folger (Robert Babicz's "Feeling Good" Remix) Yellow Tail
  4. 04 Fuzzion - Free Tibet Boshke Beats
  5. 05 Extrawelt - Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese Traum Schallplatten
  6. 06 Moonbeam - Night Traffic Traum Schallplatten
  7. 07 Eelke Kleijn - It All Comes Together (Fiord Remix) Audio Therapy
  8. 08 Max Cooper - Harmonisch Serie Traum Schallplatten
  9. 09 AstroNivo - Nature of Destiny (Brisker & Magitman Remix) EchoPlast
  10. 10 Dubfire vs Oliver Huntemann - Diablo Cocoon Recordings
  11. 11 Fuzzion - Closer Boshke Beats
  12. 12 Fiord - Get Up Jude (Beckers Remix) eVapour8 Recordings
  13. 13 AstroNivo - Blast Out Blue Tunes Records
  14. 14 Dusty Kid - Lynchesque Boxer Recordings
  15. 15 Tegma - Twister Tribal Vision Records
  16. 16 AstroNivo - From Here Flow Vinyl
  17. 17 RPO & David Weed - Industry (Perfect Stranger Remix) Tribal Vision Records
  18. 18 Riktam & Bansi - Ride the Snake Plastik Park
  19. 19 Audio Junkies - Dark Side of the Mood Vertikal Records
  20. 20 AstroNivo - Bonanza (SQL Remix) Tribal Vision Records
  21. 21 Beckers & Hatfield - You're Not Me (Fiord Remix) Sprout Music
  22. 22 Tom Hades - Cinema Club (Wehbba Remix) Stolen Moments
  23. 23 Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak - Shnorkel eVapour8 Recordings
  24. 24 D-Nox & Beckers - Son of a Pitch Systematic Recordings


  • In a lot of ways this set is the prelude to what I’d soon be doing under the name Synaptic FX.
  • Mixed on a pair of Pioneer CDJ-1000s and a DJM-800 mixer.
  • There is a corrupt version of this mix in circulation that ends early; ensure your copy is the full-length version at 133 minutes in length.
  • Downloaded 19,000 times as of March 2019.

Time Periods


  1. If anything can be said about Eclipse, it’s expect the unexpected. This set falls into that adage nicely. I was expecting to hear psytrance from the one known as Basilisk, but instead, we got some nice deep and groovy techno. This set to me, was probably one the best programmed sets I’ve ever heard live. It starts off with a nice mellow/deep sound and slowly, progressively works its way into more and more intense tracks as the set progresses. Each track builds on its predecessor, building up the sound and bringing the crowd in new directions almost every 10minutes.

    An overall, most excellent set… one that should get burned to CD and left in the car for small roadtrips.

  2. Very very nice mix. Thank you for that. It’s perfect for driving. Just need to find a way to burn it onto Audio-CD.

  3. The first night was amazing, hope to see you again rockin’ the stage same place next year.

    Thanks for posting, brings up good memories.

  4. I told you right after your set that it was very good, and now, I can enjoy it at home !
    I can still feel the energy you delivered to us !

  5. Hm…I was wondering…
    How do you mix ? With some machines, CDs, stuff ? I’m very interested in being a DJ and well, I was profiting of that little way of contact with you to ask you some questions, and maybe share with you some of my material, so to have more of a professional critique.
    Well, I’d be very thankful if you’d answer my question but otherwise, I’d still be happy, since you shared that set with us.

  6. Looking forward to hearing this again. Myself along with other friends were still busy setting up camp when really we wanted to be at the stage relaxing instead. Glad you posted this, Xander!

    This will go nicely on the Mp3 player and played many times to come 😛

  7. What the hell? This is so wrong. It’s not supposed to be so good. I turned this on and, I kid you not, right after the bells faded this pad came in and I thought – wow this is it. This is what I needed to hear and didn’t even know it. This is almost like being there you could hear the beats and clicks fumbling about before getting washed away into emotional lush to drop down and repeat the process all over again while slowly picking up the tempo.

    Amazing stuff, this is bound to motivate and harbor hope. Wish I was there. Thank you, sir.

  8. Thank you, every one of you, for the warm response to this set!!

    To answer some questions, I mixed this on two Pioneer CDJ-1000s and a DJM-800.

  9. Great set, Alexander, thanks for posting it – I missed the live on Eclipse. Enjoying it now!

  10. I’m wondering if there is any way of getting this burned on CD!?? My sound rescently DIED on the computer, and wonder if its possible to born a CD? I treied of drag-drop burning program, and its over 80 minutes…I wonder if anyone can help with this, I’m no techie…And getting this comp fixed will take some whiles yet…sigh

  11. Wow one of the best mixes ive heard in ages …got me dancing round the lounge room with my girl…were in progressive heaven…Moar plz 🙂

  12. Exelente track list, baixando pra conferir, vlw demais brother =]

  13. Amazing mix… I especially love the first track. Can anyone recommend other stuff in the same vein of delicious minimal?

  14. There is a heavy influence of minimal in this great mix. Took me a couple listens to get into it as it is a different style. I know you have tagged this mix as Techno, but you should also tag it as “Minimal”. Well Minimal is a sub-genre of Techno but still it is better to tag it separately under minimal too, so that others can find it in that category.

  15. Отличный микс. Треки подобраны и сведены шикарно. Создаётся живая, глубокая атмосфера.
    Атас хорош миксец.

  16. That audio junkies song blew me away. It’s amazing and thank you for including it in your mix so that I could discover them : ) The entire mix is excellent by the way!

  17. hello,I just want to say this set rocks !!! I´ve heard it so many times , I havent found othe similar , I want to know if Ineed yoors permission for usingit in a video of juggling am making.

    my email is [email protected]
    pleasy respond this email. and if its not ossible to recieve an answer thanks againfor sharing this
    keep making music like this, it transmites a very beautiful and possitive vibe !

  18. Greetings from the poor east europe…..i am very very sorry that i can`t donet….but this set is a life saver!

  19. This mix has been an all-time favourite from my first listen ~8 years ago! Thank you

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