DJ Basilisk - Live at Dark Matter 2


This is the live recording from my set at Dark Matter 2, an indoor party held in Toronto on June 9th, 2007. Featured here are several different styles of full-on psychedelic trance, moving from dark and aggressive beats through a series of heavy hitters into an upbeat and euphoric conclusion. With a full two hours to work with, I was able to orchestrate a complete tour of the harmonic spectrum, eventually ending with a song from Logic Bomb’s new album, just as the set began. I would like to dedicate this one to all those who came out on Saturday and gave their best on the dance floor. It was a small party, but we all had a blast!

Track Listing

  1. 01 Logic Bomb - Life is a Progressbar Solstice Music, 2007
  2. 02 Seroxat - Dark Days Noize Conspiracy Records, 2007
  3. 03 Phatmatix - Samurai Yabai Records, 2007
  4. 04 CPU - Dark Matter Materia Records/Vaso Music, 2005
  5. 05 Shift - Cerebral Cortex (Remix) Noize Conspiracy Records, 2006
  6. 06 NRS - Dark Deeds Last Possible Solution, 2006
  7. 07 Penta - Tollkorn Dropout Productions, 2006
  8. 08 Hux Flux - Post 100 Mind Funk Music, 2006
  9. 09 Hujaboy - Party Animals TIP.World, 2006
  10. 10 Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious BNE/YoYo Records, 2007
  11. 11 Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within HOMmega Productions, 2007
  12. 12 Space Cat vs Dimitri Nakov - Techno Logic Solstice Music, 2005
  13. 13 Electric Universe - In Common Fabrics Planet B.E.N. Records, 2005
  14. 14 Aphid Moon - Another Planet Groove Criminals Records, 2006
  15. 15 Space Cat - Kreak Part 2 H2O Records, 2007
  16. 16 Mekkanikka - Flam It Nutek Records, 2007
  17. 17 Talamasca - Roswell Mania Mind Control Records, 2006
  18. 18 Prometheus - 9th (The Man Who Swam Through a Speaker) Twisted Records, 2007
  19. 19 Altรถm vs Wizzy Noise - Fifty-Fifty Liquid & Solid Records, 2006
  20. 20 Logic Bomb - Ansi Solstice Music, 2007


  • Mixed on a pair of Pioneer CD decks on June 9th, 2007.
  • The cover design features an original photograph shot in 2007. The original cover featured a photo from the party but the source material was lost.
  • 29,000 downloads as of March 2019.
  • Posthumously dedicated to Phink, a legend of the Toronto psytrance scene. RIP.

Time Periods


  1. YAY!! Thank you!

    That was an amazing set to dance to. I’m still tired…lol

  2. That was an awesome set dude. I haven’t danced that much in a long time.

  3. Just finished listening to this… actually, that’s a lie… it’s on the last track right now. Nice mix. Good track selection, and excellent flow. I’m sorry I missed out on seeing you spin this at the party. I bet the dancefloor was rockin.

  4. hello how are you i like your music very much how can i purchase your music

  5. Amazin mix…..very good line up of tracks…..definately will get every1 glued to the floor……awesome beat matching….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BRO…..TRANCE WILL LIVE FOREVER….

  6. Hiya Basilisk,
    Nice set – really enjoyed the edge of 2nd half. Thanks for the share (from the J00F forum)! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Look forward to more of your psychedelic goodness! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. That is the best set i ever heard & listen to it atleast once a day & hats off to Basilisk i usually play in rave parties most of the time the same set & addin to some new extra mile full on psycore to give more virtual effect & with deep pushing baselines make it go more crazy along with warm atmospheric soudzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…I love Basilisk music

  8. keep going mix psychedelic track-s.
    All power in your hand…….!!!!!
    Dont forgett Goa soun sistem…..
    Let live PSY……….!!!!!
    Hello from SERBIA………..
    mad people for psychedelic trance music.

  9. I was sceptical about a free mix, but this is possibly some of the best trance ive ever heard!
    Im sticking to this site!
    awesome work!

    any chance ull come to the uk?

  10. very good choose of traks, exelent mix and a very good own style , perfect tempos ind and out , uplifting well but i would like to you mix more Twilight and Dark Trance, Keep Going Namastรฉ From Mexico P.L.U.R. ( Ohm Nahma Shivaya )

  11. by the way the track from shift and phatmatix are my fovourites , and exelent mix too.
    see ya Compadre

  12. by the way exelent tracks shift and phatmatix are my favorites and more twilight n dark a southafrican producer shift more dark more dark.
    Exelent mix

  13. WoW!


    i downloaded it yesterday and i played him about 4-5 times, again and again…

  14. Brilliant set mate. ๐Ÿ™‚

    totally love that Vicious Delicious tune from Infected Mushroom ^_^

  15. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! damn man !!! when that doesnยดt party i dont under humanity XD

  16. I loved the remix on “The Beast Within”, especially at the end. Best part of the set, for me!

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