Album Artwork: The Dreamhouse Effect


The Dreamhouse Effect is my fourth album artwork project for Techgnosis Records, Ben Rama’s new label. I have been helping out with graphic design, as you can see from my work on Luzoba, Orobas, and the debut compilation. As the title would imply, the release emphasizes evocative, mesmerizing, and dreamlike soundscapes, making it a perfect match for my original photography.


Sourcing imagery for this project was a breeze. With a name like “dreamhouse” I immediately thought of a photograph previously posted to this very blog. It was a natural fit—so most of my work involved setting type to compliment the ornate and fanciful image of plant life exploding out of a greenhouse on the outskirts of Vancouver.

Fonts featured in this design: the artist name on the front cover is set in Marion by Ray Larabie; album title and track listing are set in The League of Movable Type’s Linden Hill; and the credits are set for greater legibility in plain old Palatino.