Album Artwork: Modus Operandi


Amygdala’s debut album Modus Operandi is a musical exposition of the dystopian future aesthetic of Neuromancer, William Gibson’s classic work of cyberpunk literature. Designing the artwork for such a project was a real joy, particularly since much of my own original photography focuses on capturing the gloomy, run-down feeling of abandoned industrial structures—perfect for paying homage to the cyberpunk genre.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel…

To capture the appropriate mood I used source material I shot in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, at a derelict mall. Laying the rather imposing type gave me an excuse to learn something new in Photoshop: the vanishing point plugin. I experimented with the use of a steady vertical rhythm while laying the track listing and credits on the back cover. The end result is pretty much what Amygdala and I were both looking to produce for this project: a cold and menacing set of images looking somewhat like posters for a film.