Album Artwork: Drumlore


Every Drumlore cover is produced under a tight deadline, something that I call my “one hour design challenge”. Just like it sounds, the goal is to push out a finished product within an hour, just for fun. All source material is drawn from my own original photography except where otherwise noted.


I captured the original photograph on which this cover is based on Granville Island in Vancouver. A crow had perched on one of the loading cranes and I just knew the contrast of elements would make for a wonderful cover some day. I chose Uno Estado for the type, mixing uppercase and lowercase letters to arrive at something that suited the design.


I kept things simple while designing the artwork for Ben Rama’s forthcoming Live In Montreal release. Both Ben and I wanted to use some actual photography shot on the streets of Montreal so I went and had a look through my admittedly scant collection of images captured in that fine city. Eventually I settled on a shot of the sky from within an alleyway somewhere in the vicinity of Old Montreal as it suited the angularity of the logo that Ben provided me for the design. This logo also worked nicely with the font I had originally chosen for Ben’s debut release, so I ran with it, and here it is.


I designed the artwork for Søren Nordström’s Protogenesis using several layered photos of cables and wires shot on the unruly streets of Bangkok. I meant to capture a sense of disorderly chaos, of technology taking on a life of it’s own, but kept it subtle with cooling tones and a minimalist approach. The second cover is from one of his side projects—but the photography is not mine, only the typesetting and treatment.