Album Artwork: Allotta


My latest design for Techgnosis Records draws upon source material shot at the abandoned Chenchang Woodworking Factory in Shuili, Nantou. This is one of my favourite ruins in all Taiwan and I have now been there on three separate occasions. The photos used in this design are from two separate trips as the vintage safety first poster (below) is now missing.


I was challenged in making this design to come up with a matching back cover after following a photo-realistic approach on the front. The resulting design is certainly not my finest but I did reach a point at which I just wanted to finish things off and move on to something new. At any rate, I hope you can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek Fallout vibe I was aiming for here.

Original scale

In terms of typesetting I went with 232MKSD Round by Japanese type foundry Maniackers Design on the front cover as it very closely matched the actual type used on the old scale—which is, perhaps not coincidentally, also of Japanese origin. Rather than use the same font on the back I rummaged around in the archives and came up with the playful Kleptocracy by Ray Larabie to match the vintage feel of the workplace safety poster.