Album Artwork: Alternative Energysource


In 2010 I was approached to re-release Alternative Energysource, the full-length debut of Highpersonic Whomen, a Finnish progressive trance group formed by Justin Space AKA Tommi Sirkiä (Haltya, Headphonics) and Frank Further AKA Jürgen Sachau (Haltya, Outolintu) in 2001. The band had retained rights to the recording but were not able to secure the rights to the artwork that went along with it. I stepped in to help out, drawing upon the juxtaposition of jellyfish and solar panels seen in the original cover for inspiration, but completely remaking it with new source images and a completely different approach.

Additional credits: jellyfish photos by fPat. The rest is from the public domain.


In addition to the new album cover I also designed complimentary artwork for an EP containing old, unreleased music from the same time period. I kept the design and layout similar and substituted different public domain imagery to match the new title.


For comparison, here is the cover design from the original release: