DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Elysium


DJ Basilisk revisits the halcyon vibes of mid-90s trance on Transmissions From Elysium, a 2 hour journey through dreamy, progressive, and euphoric soundscapes from a lost age of innocence. For this 7th retrospective mix in the Transmissions series the focus is deep, driving, and emotive trance with occasional forays into techno, IDM, and breaks, all released between 1992 and 1997. Expect some well-worn classics as well as hidden gems, all carefully chosen to capture the carefree optimism of that vanished era.

Track Listing

  1. 01 Yum Yum - The Vision Sperm Records, 1997
  2. 02 Spacer IV - Arc 3 (Doug Laurent Remix) Tetsuo, 1997
  3. 03 Oxigyzer - Colored Life Loep Records, 1996
  4. 04 Sandoz - Your Mind Touch, 1996
  5. 05 Eat Static - Kinetic Flow Planet Dog, 1993
  6. 06 Aura - Caterpillar (Odic Mix) Infectious Records, 1995
  7. 07 Trancesetters - Secrets of Meditation (Zoom Hallucinogenic Flange Dub) Open, 1994
  8. 08 Leftfield - Space Shanty Hard Hands, 1995
  9. 09 MikeroRobenics - Schattenmund (Dave Angel Remix) Global AMBition, 1996
  10. 10 Exit EEE - Epidemic '96 No Respect Records, 1996
  11. 11 Antiloop - Nowhere to Hide Stockholm Records, 1997
  12. 12 Sunday Club - Healing Dream (Paul van Dyk's Inner-Mind Remix) Stress Records / MFS, 1997
  13. 13 Digital Sun - Give Piece A Chance Polytox Records, 1997
  14. 14 Blue Planet Corporation - Crystal Flying Rhino Records, 1997
  15. 15 Quietman - Now & Zen Platipus, 1997
  16. 16 Autodidact - Caves & Tunnels Electric Labelland, 1996
  17. 17 Outcast - Rollercoaster (Good For Horses Mix) One Little Indian, 1996
  18. 18 L.S.G. - Netherworld Superstition, 1996
  19. 19 The Light - Expand The Room (Original Dub) AAA Recordings, 1997
  20. 20 Endora - Fusionium Matsuri Productions, 1996
  21. 21 Mike Oldfield - Sentinel (Trance Mix) Reprise Records, 1992
  22. 22 N₂O - Lazer Worshippers Theme EXperimental, 1992
  23. 23 Way Out West feat. Miss Joanna Law - The Gift Deconstruction, 1996
  24. 24 Hab - Ocra Dot, 1997
  25. 25 Innersphere - Out of Body (Log Ital) Sabrettes, 1995
  26. 26 The Unlimited Dream Company - The Potion Takes Effect (MK Ultra) Jumpin' & Pumpin', 1995


  • Conceived, arranged, mixed, and mastered by DJ Basilisk in Taipei, Taiwan, April 2024.
  • Recorded with Traktor 3 and a Korg Nanokontrol.
  • Mastered in Ableton Live using TDR Nova and LoudMax; wave surgery conducted with Audacity.
  • Cover image: Elisium, Léon Bakst, 1906.
  • The Vision skips at 2:37 on the copy released on Goa Volume 1; the version appearing here was sourced from Underground Beats (Series 5 Volume 1).
  • The specific mix of Secrets of Meditation featured here was unusually difficult to source. Although it is being sold on several digital download platforms the label has uploaded a transcode (as of early 2024). The version that appears here was taken from The Purest Trance and lightly remastered in Ableton Live.
  • Several edits appear in this mix: Leftfield’s Space Shanty and Endora’s Fusionium were both rearranged and lightly remastered for this mix. Aura’s Catepillar (Odic Mix) was also remastered.
  • The version of Lazer Worshippers Theme appearing here was originally released on vinyl as On A Rise, and later as the “Electro Mix” on the Missile Records Bandcamp page. I have credited the N₂O project (rather than Lazer Worshippers) as this was how it was initially released in 1992.
  • The “Log Ital” remix of Out of Body is by Andy Hughes in the guise of The Orb.
  • I opened my Sunday morning set at the Dub Beautiful stage at Om 2002 with The Vision.
  • Almost entirely comprised of music from the United Kingdom and Germany, with several more contributions from continental Europe and a couple from the USA.
  • Several of the later tracks in the mix are in a major key.
  • Originally conceived as a morning set for a virtual event in February 2024, but I wasn’t able to complete the mix in time.
  • No labels or artists are repeated in this mix.

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