DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Arcadia

Basilisk revisits the turn of the millennium with Transmissions From Arcadia, a 4-hour odyssey into deep and progressive forms of house, techno, and trance embedded within a hazy cocoon of broken beats, IDM, downtempo, and ambient. This exercise in genre-fluid nostalgia emphasizes rhythm over melody, avoiding monotony by rotating between diverse yet complimentary sounds intended for the dirty warehouse, summer…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Hyperborea

Basilisk explores the secret origins of the modern psychedelic techno movement on Transmissions From Hyperborea. This mix is a cross-genre period piece set in the transitional year of 2010, when tech house, neotrance, minimal techno, and progressive psytrance collided and merged to form something vibrant and new. It was an era marked by the infiltration of underground club culture into…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Valhalla

DJ Basilisk revisits the classic psytrance sound on Transmissions From Valhalla, a monumental 4+ hour journey featuring more than 60 tracks released between 1997 and 2005. This time around the focus is mainly on the many permutations of the “minimal wave” that swept through the scene in the early years of the new millennium. Expect to hear a wide variety…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Lyonesse

DJ Basilisk returns to the ecstatic idealism of the early 1990s on Transmissions From Lyonesse, the latest in an ongoing series of concept mixes documenting electronic music subcultures of the past. This time around the journey leads from scintillating ambient techno arpeggios and idyllic IDM to the raging heights of full-on Goa trance (and back again). Ultimately the aim…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Avalon

Transmissions From Avalon is an epic return to the halcyon sound of the early 1990s, meticulously curated and sublimely mixed by DJ Basilisk. This 4 hour journey features tracks produced up until 1996, building from moody ambient, scintillating IDM, and hypnotic techno into acidic and full-on Goa trance, culminating at 150 BPM. Descending from the heights, the mood becomes more…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Meropis

DJ Basilisk rewinds the tape to profile the shifting sound of psychedelic trance on the cusp of the new millennium with Transmissions From Meropis. Featuring 32 tracks released between 1998 and 2001, this embryonic cocktail captures a global movement in flux, as technological change ushered in a new era of experimentation, and the golden age of Goa trance came…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Elysium

DJ Basilisk revisits the halcyon vibes of mid-90s trance on Transmissions From Elysium, a 2 hour journey through dreamy, progressive, and euphoric soundscapes from a lost age of innocence. For this 7th retrospective mix in the Transmissions series the focus is deep, driving, and emotive trance with occasional forays into techno, IDM, and breaks, all released between 1992 and 1997.