DJ Basilisk - Live at Darkrave vs Panic


This set was recorded live at Darkrave vs Panic, a special one-off event held on the 2009 May long weekend in Toronto, Canada. My mission was to showcase the hard and nasty side of psychedelic trance often referred to as “darkpsy”, a style that was not often heard on Toronto dance floors. I try to ease it up near the end with a few crowd-pleasing tunes with big build-ups and a splash of melody but much of this set might be too intense for some listeners; consider yourself warned!

Track Listing

  1. 01 Gappeq - Speaker Seeker Wirikuta Recordings
  2. 02 DataKult feat. DJ Ehm - Valis Pleiadian Records
  3. 03 Furious - Sadizmo Technical Freaks Records
  4. 04 Polyphonia - Caballero Negro Tremors Underground Productions
  5. 05 Mukti - Eastern Wind Ektoplazm
  6. 06 Dragon - Ritual Fire T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi
  7. 07 Penta - Robot Poetry AuraQuake Records
  8. 08 Sulima vs Hysteria - Data Processing Tower Blitz Studios
  9. 09 Baphomet Engine feat. DJ Zoim - Psycho Motor Kabrathor Records
  10. 10 Mubali - Artificial Freaks Trishula Records
  11. 11 CPC - Lizard Metanoya No Comment Records
  12. 12 Phatmatix - Hominus Nocturna Yabai Records
  13. 13 Exaile - Tied Up (Azax Syndrom Remix) GBM Records
  14. 14 Rinkadink - Techmology V3 (Menog Remix) Nutek Records
  15. 15 Electric Universe - Holografic Electric Universe Records
  16. 16 Delirious Noon - Quasar Vertigo Records


  • Tagline: a challenging blend of hard and nasty darkpsy with a splash of melodic full-on near the end.
  • By international standards this material is nothing too crazy. For whatever reason Toronto was always more attuned to progressive and upbeat full-on frequencies than darkpsy and forest music. I made several attempts to introduce the style to dance floors in the late 2000s but it often resulted in disinterest and sometimes even open hostility. This particular set went off well because the audience was a more eclectic blend of hardcore ravers and industrial fans.
  • This event was held on the upper levels of the Big Bop on Sunday, May 19th, 2009, and I shared the Reverb stage with Toronto stalwarts Phink, Lazarus, and Jimi LaMort.
  • Looking back, perhaps it was one of my last performances in the labyrinthine complex of the Big Bop, a venue of some personal significance to me (it was one of the first places I went partying and also one of the first venues I performed as a DJ).
  • Cover photo: a room full of discarded mannequins in the basement of Honest Ed’s, Toronto, shot sometime in 2009. Another Toronto landmark now vanished.
  • Downloaded 19,000 times as of March 2019.

Time Periods


  1. Killer mix! Danza Del Venado! Manu (DJ Ehm) is a friend of mine down in Singapore, he plays some solid solid dark / forest.

  2. awesome start with the perfect 1-2-3 1-2-3 rythm …. little down n off tune somewhere in the middle…… but overall a hard punch on ma face after a fcukin long time……
    man basilisk .. ur the best dj i have heard.
    god bless u with more divne energy n loads of love from mumbai …..
    ajay a.k.a mokksh

  3. “Intense” is a gross understatement. This set is pure unadulterated insanity.

  4. alex you still are fuckin kickin my ass with your amazing sets..keep up the good work man, i cant wait till i can go to one of your shows again.

  5. Wow, just listening to this again. I can’t wait to see you spin at Sacred Earth. The track 29 to 35 minutes or so in is amazing!

  6. Is there any possibility to obtain a high resolution cover art of this mix please?

  7. Massive set here man!

    the buildup from hard and heavy darkpsy to banging “shake ur ass, till u cant dance no more” full-on psytrance flowed very well d(-_-)b

    highly recommended to all psy lovers out in the world \o/

  8. Mad, but make sure your in a good headspace as listening to all this when not, …, Well…?!!?! But yes, thoroughly enjoying yet another excellent Basilisk mix. I’m a relatively new fan only learning of basilisk when the first ektoplazm came out. Now with this latest ectoplasm I’m giving all Basilisk mixes a good listen. Recently though SoundCloud.
    But also downloading a few FLAC recordings – “they big, but they good”. I recommend if you have the space and the data. Data prices have dropped & allowances increased heaps here in Australia, since the first COVERT lockdown’s, And stayed there, as I’m assuming the customer base has increased. Enough!!?!
    Thanks DJ Basilisk for ALL your fantastic (pure music only) mixes. I’m a big fan. And also thanks for the free downloads, I wouldn’t have heard anywhere near as much as I have, if I had to pay, as I’ve been unemployed for a number of years. I Just want you to know it is appreciated Verry much by me, as I need quality music regularly to keep me alive.
    Many Thanks
    πŸ†Ž: Alan Bond🎢

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