DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Elysium

DJ Basilisk revisits the halcyon vibes of mid-90s trance on Transmissions From Elysium, a 2 hour journey through dreamy, progressive, and euphoric soundscapes from a lost age of innocence. For this 7th retrospective mix in the Transmissions series the focus is deep, driving, and emotive trance with occasional forays into techno, IDM, and breaks, all released between 1992 and 1997.

DJ Basilisk – Silicon Overmind 7

DJ Basilisk - Silicon Overmind 7

DJ Basilisk delves deeper into psychedelic techno on Silicon Overmind 7, part of an ongoing series of mixes exploring the contours of the hypnotic and mechanistic underground from all directions. Clocking in at two and a half hours in length, this highly polished exercise in ritual machine music mainly draws from the hazy hinterlands of techno, with only around a…


DJ Basilisk - Esoteric Expanse 8

Step into the beyond with Esoteric Expanse 8, the latest entry in DJ Basilisk’s ongoing series of long-form, world-building mixes. The saga continues with 66 selections spanning nearly five hours of airtime and an overwhelming emphasis on the cosmic and otherworldly sounds of new school Goa trance. Pushing the boundaries of the movement to the far frontiers, this journey…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Meropis

DJ Basilisk rewinds the tape to profile the shifting sound of psychedelic trance on the cusp of the new millennium with Transmissions From Meropis. Featuring 32 tracks released between 1998 and 2001, this embryonic cocktail captures a global movement in flux, as technological change ushered in a new era of experimentation, and the golden age of Goa trance came…


DJ Basilisk - Silicon Overmind 6

DJ Basilisk probes the hypnotic depths of psychedelic techno on Silicon Overmind 6, the latest in his signature series situating the style in a wider context. From a murky and cavernous beginning this mix steadily builds tension, digging deep into mechanical grooves and sinister atmospheres. Reaching a muscular and energetic peak in the very center, the mood gradually transforms…


DJ Basilisk - Silicon Overmind 5

DJ Basilisk channels subliminal signals from the electronic noosphere on Silicon Overmind 5, the latest edition of his signature psychedelic techno mix series. On this outing we are treated to an expert blend of deep, dubby, and psychedelic techno bleeding into minimal and progressive psytrance, with five selections apiece from both Digital Diamonds and Techgnosis Records. This mix is…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Avalon

Transmissions From Avalon is an epic return to the halcyon sound of the early 1990s, meticulously curated and sublimely mixed by DJ Basilisk. This 4 hour journey features tracks produced up until 1996, building from moody ambient, scintillating IDM, and hypnotic techno into acidic and full-on Goa trance, culminating at 150 BPM. Descending from the heights, the mood becomes more…


DJ Basilisk - Silicon Overmind 4

DJ Basilisk returns to his signature psychedelic techno mix series with Silicon Overmind 4, further expanding his broad definition of the style with selections from across a vast spectrum of sound. Minimal and dub techno accrete around a solid core of dark and progressive psytrance, with occasional references to tech house and classic trance. Combining these disparate elements into…

Intangible Frontiers 3

DJ Basilisk - Intangible Frontiers 3

DJ Basilisk presents Intangible Frontiers 3, a genre-defying mix originally commissioned by for their long-running podcast series and released under the name Resilience. This meticulously-curated journey contains multitudes: ambient and modular dreamscapes, bucolic IDM and futuristic electro breaks, quirky nu-disco workouts, deep and organic house and trance, bubbling acid experiments, shimmering slabs of dub techno, and more…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Lyonesse

DJ Basilisk returns to the ecstatic idealism of the early 1990s on Transmissions From Lyonesse, the latest in an ongoing series of concept mixes documenting electronic music subcultures of the past. This time around the journey leads from scintillating ambient techno arpeggios and idyllic IDM to the raging heights of full-on Goa trance (and back again). Ultimately the aim…