Intangible Frontiers 2

DJ Basilisk - Intangible Frontiers 2

Basilisk casts a wide net on Intangible Frontiers 2, his latest mix exploring the borderlands of musical subcultures at the deeper end of the electronic music spectrum, from 100 to 125 BPM. Blurring the boundaries between dub techno, dark disco, EBM, worldbeat, progressive trance, afro-house, balearic breaks, chill out, and new age ambient, this mix features a dazzling variety of…


DJ Basilisk - Esoteric Expanse 7

DJ Basilisk unveils Esoteric Expanse 7, the seventh entry in an ongoing series of ambitious long-form mixes dedicated to sonic world-building. This time around we’re riding a comet from the coldest reaches of the outer solar system into the white-hot glare of the sun and back again, trailing ice and vapour all the way. Expect to hear a…

Intangible Frontiers 1

DJ Basilisk - Intangible Frontiers 1

DJ Basilisk channels a sense of curiosity, wanderlust, and transcendence on Intangible Frontiers 1, the first in a new mix series dedicated to sonic world-building at the deeper end of the electronic music spectrum. Rather than focus on one specific genre, this mix explores the borderlands of style, where music cultures meet, interface, and exchange ideas. Gathering source material…


DJ Basilisk - Silicon Overmind 3

DJ Basilisk quickens the pace on Silicon Overmind 3, the third in a series of mixes dedicated pushing the boundaries of psychedelic techno ever outward. Blasting through 25 tracks in just under 80 minutes, this hyper-kinetic journey through sound features selections from across a vast spectrum of underground sources, all smoothly layered and blended with an ear for harmonics…


DJ Basilisk - Esoteric Expanse 6

DJ Basilisk charts a course to the outer reaches of space and sound with Esoteric Expanse 6, part of in an ambitious series of mixes devoted to sonic world-building and cross-genre experimentation. This epic journey spans more than 4 hours and features 62 tracks ranging from the abyssal depths of ambient to high octane psychedelic trance. Abstract and glitchy…


DJ Basilisk - Esoteric Expanse 5

DJ Basilisk’s Esoteric Expanse 5 is the fifth entry in an ambitious series of long-form mixes dedicated to sonic world-building and cross-genre experimentation. Four hours and 70 meticulously curated selections await, opening with a hypnotic blend of ambient, downtempo, IDM, electro, and breaks before widening horizons with cosmic disco, acid house, progressive trance, and dub techno, always with a psychedelic…


DJ Basilisk - Ybyzär 19

Basilisk pays tribute to the early millennial sound of French psytrance, techtrance, and progressive on Ybyzär #19, a guest mix commissioned by me_diafan and broadcast on the Nantes-based Radio DY10 in June 2022. This concept mix focuses on the “French touch” of psytrance, with representation by many of the major figures in the scene from 1998 to 2005.


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Valhalla

DJ Basilisk revisits the classic psytrance sound on Transmissions From Valhalla, a monumental 4+ hour journey featuring more than 60 tracks released between 1997 and 2005. This time around the focus is mainly on the many permutations of the “minimal wave” that swept through the scene in the early years of the new millennium. Expect to hear a wide variety…


DJ Basilisk - Esoteric Expanse 4

DJ Basilisk embarks on another epic mission to the outer reaches of sound with Esoteric Expanse 4, 76 tracks and nearly five hours of cutting edge techno, psytrance, electro, downtempo, and ambient. This fourth chapter in a series dedicated to sonic world-building spans a vast spectrum of contemporary electronic music styles unified by an emphasis on sleek and…


DJ Basilisk - Transmissions From Hyperborea

Basilisk explores the secret origins of the modern psychedelic techno movement on Transmissions From Hyperborea. This mix is a cross-genre period piece set in the transitional year of 2010, when tech house, neotrance, minimal techno, and progressive psytrance collided and merged to form something vibrant and new. It was an era marked by the infiltration of underground club culture into…