Progressive Chart: 2009/09

Summer is almost gone and I’m in school again. This hasn’t restrained my explorations of new music, however, and I continue to dig deep into the emerging fusion of psytrance and techno that I’ve been so excited about recently. So here you have it: a set of 20 tunes that have been circulating on my stereo this month. As with the previous “progressive” charts I’ve published this summer it’s a mix of progressive techno, progressive house, progressive psytrance, and a lot of stuff in between. Some old, some new, all wicked.

  • Boris Brejcha – Road Runner [Harthouse]
  • Chris Special – Lose It (Spektre Remix) [Noir Music]
  • Christian Fischer – Lightener (Moonbeam Remix) [Takt]
  • Elad Emek – Techno Reality [Stolen Moments]
  • Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Spektre Vocal Remix) [Rabid Records]
  • Guy J – Dust [Sudbeat]
  • Guy J – Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) [Bedrock Records]
  • Henry Saiz – Reverence [Natura Sonoris]
  • Jamie McHugh – H2O (James Harcourt Remix) [Underwater]
  • Khainz – Subpolar [Echoes Records]
  • Mantik & BitShift – Riddiculus [Planet BEN Records]
  • Marco G & Amin Golestan – Dagobert (Spektre Remix) [Audio Therapy]
  • Moonbeam – When Flowers Talk [Soundz]
  • Phony Orphants – Sweep Mamma [Iboga Records]
  • Ran Shani & Ito – Aviation [CR2]
  • Riktam & Bansi vs Lucaman – Little Tweaker [Plastik Park]
  • Shades of Gray – Moog In The House [Plusminus]
  • Solid Snake – Flum Drum [Tribal Vision Records]
  • Ticon – Yet Not Titled [Lo Kik Records]
  • Wehbba – The Hiss [Tronic]


  1. Do you have a place people can go to listen to these? Like a site for streaming them? Downloading them? Ect? If not that’d be really helpful.

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