Progressive Chart: 2009/07

I return again to share a 25 recommendations from the progressive side of psytrance–where the genre bleeds into cutting edge techno. “Progressive” is a word with several meanings; it describes a specific sound as well as an approach to writing music. Truly progressive music must integrate new ideas and influences to remain viable. Consequently, there is little in the way of traditional “progressive psytrance” on my list. The old style is largely exhausted of its creative potential and artistic appeal (for now, anyway). Instead we have a new progressive zeitgeist: a beautiful marriage of psychedelic trance production techniques and the more melodic and emotional aspects of more machine-driven techno music.

  • Astronivo – Blast Out [Flow Vinyl]
  • Astronivo – Hasamba [Omnis Recordings]
  • Beckers & Hatfield – You’re Not Me (Fiord Remix) [Sprout Music]
  • Bluetech – Honey in the Heart (Fiord Remix) [Aleph Zero Records]
  • Brisker & Magitman – Follow The Arrow (Dark Mix) [Spintwist Records]
  • Corejoy – Here We Go (James Monro Remix) [Tropical Beats]
  • D-Nox & Beckers – Left Behind (Daniel Marques Remix) [Lo Kik Records]
  • Dusty Kid – Lynchesque [Boxer Recordings]
  • Extrawelt – Clap’s Cally [Traum Schallplatten]
  • Felguk – Guess What (Perfect Stranger’s “2.4Ghz Paranoia” Remix) [Savage Media]
  • Fiord – Get Up Jude [eVapour8 Recordings]
  • Fuzzion – Closer [Boshke Beats]
  • KiloWatts – The Grog [Harmonious Discord]
  • Kino Oko – Motormouth [Soundmute Recordings]
  • La Baaz – Space Cut [Pure Perception Records]
  • Ludovic Vendi – Ending (Robert Babicz Remix) [Suruba]
  • Max Cooper – Harmonisch Serie [Traum Schallplatten]
  • Moonbeam – Night Traffic [Traum Schallplatten]
  • MOS – Terremoto (Gabe & Ido Ophir Remix) [Noizen]
  • NDSA – Papercut [Attitude Recordings]
  • Perfect Stranger – Free Cloud (Perfect Stranger & A. Balter Remix) [Iboga]
  • Prime Time – Databaaz [KumQuat Tunes]
  • Riktam & Bansi – Ride The Snake [Plastik Park]
  • Shin – Folger (Robert Babicz’s “Feeling Good” Mix) [Yellow Tail]
  • SQL – Treehouse [Echoplast]


  1. good choices…especially good are Honey in the Heart (Fiord Remix), Get Up Jude, Guess What (PS Remix) and Paper Cut…good tunes bro

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