Progressive Chart: 2008/10

The term progressive refers to a number of different aspects of electronic dance music. In a technical sense, the word progressive suggests deep rhythms, slow-burning arrangements, hazy atmospheres, and a subtle approach to composition. Progressive can also mean cutting edge, fashionable, or “forward thinking.” It is a slippery concept, always changing.

I tend to fall back on the more technical definition of the word progressive—a consequence, perhaps, of paying little attention to passing dance floor fashions. The whole DJ world is so concerned with immediacy, gaining access to unreleased music, and playing it before anyone else does—but this is not a game I play. I prefer to enjoy quality music and share my findings with others who might be interested.

On that note, I have compiled a list of twenty progressive tunes that have been in heavy rotation. These selections range from the deeper end of psytrance to progressive house and minimal techno territory, or whatever you want to call it. To me, this is progressive music–and it is much more fun to blend it all together rather than separate the strains.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for October 2008 (with links to release information on Discogs).