Progressive Chart: 2006/10

Recently I’ve been purchasing more music from Beatport than ever before. Although I am known as a psytrance DJ my tastes are broadening and it’s a good place to look for progressive house and similar styles. The economics of purchasing psytrance on CD still prevails over digital downloads in most cases, whereas progressive house, electro, and trance songs are often released on vinyl, which I no longer collect nor use. Purchasing individual songs online is not only cheaper than buying wax in such cases, but also makes the actual acquisition of the music feasible.

Perhaps some of what I’ve found will appeal to other psytrance listeners with progressive tastes. Check the samples for anything that may intrigue you, and ideally a few of my suggestions may be of interest…

  • Vision & Canedy - Check the Sound

    The tumultuous upheaval of Cosmophilia left this track off the radar of many progressive psytrance DJs, but it will not go quietly into obscurity. In characteristic fashion, the two German producers have put together another pumping tribal house gem spiced with dark and mystic atmospheres. The production has all the punch you need, and the flow is silky smooth, making it a worthy candidate for the midnight power hour.

  • Martin H - Tromb (Alex Joon Remix)

    Dirty, glitchy, groovy, and sick as hell, Alex Joon’s remix of Tromb is a serious piece of crossover material, drawing upon electro, house, and progressive trance for inspiration. The beat programming is impressive, featuring detailed drops and an intricate flow. With such a synthetic feel, it is sure to appeal to progressive psytrance DJs.

  • Roman Rai - Opportunity

    This is possibly the moodiest piece I’ve heard from Rai, who usually releases progressive house with upbeat qualities. The chunky tribal rhythms are perfectly complimented by rich atmospheric work, which does grow to be charmingly melodic at times. Like most of Rai’s material on Beatport, this is not released anywhere else as of yet, so be sure to check it out.

  • Madoka - Thursday Night Hero (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

    I have only known of Eelke Kleijn for a short while but I am already impressed with the wide range of styles this young Dutch artist produces. His remix of Thursday Night Hero features a massive groove line that expands into an all-encompassing wall of bass after the key breakdown. Funky as hell, quirky, and charming all at once—this is certainly one to check out!

  • Space Safari - Machines Music

    Released last year on a vinyl with Flow Records, this song from Frank Beckers is a light and funky piece of trance with great production value. The melodic flow is so classy, and the vocal usage remains tasteful, letting the talents of this acclaimed artist shine.

  • Thomas Penton - Deeper Vowels (André Absolut Remix)

    André Absolut is well known for his frequent appearances on progressive psytrance compilations, but many of his remixes have been confined to vinyl singles in the “regular” progressive scene. His take on Thomas Penton’s Deeper Vowels is exactly what you might expect, featuring a deep pounding groove and vivid floating atmospheres, all enlivened with considerable production value. This is worthwhile padding for any progressive trance collection.

  • Llopis - Lobster Tan

    I already reviewed the vinyl this track was sourced from, so I won’t say much more. Lobster Tan may be a couple years old already, but this dark tribal groover slides between current material with disarming ease.

  • Furry Nipples - Slackers (Martin H's "A Side" Remix)

    This one may be straying too far into electro house territory, but the grinding bass line mows down all my resistance. The sheer power of the dirty groove on this piece should adeptly shake the dust off your speaker stack. There isn’t much to it, and the later moments really could have used a new hook, but this will make a fantastic DJ tool in the right hands.