Dark Psytrance Chart: 2008/10

I recently wrote about top tens and hinted that I might get back into the practice. After all, compiling and publishing a top ten chart is an easy way to recommend music, something we all like to do. Here is the first set of tracks I have compiled in recent weeks—ten dark thrillers to light up the night:

  • Alter Egon & Loke – Spectral Ghost [Yggdrasil Records]
  • CPC – Lizard Metanoya [No Comment Records]
  • Derango – Eh Ehh Ehhh [Mighty Quinn Records]
  • Electrypnose – Make or Quake [Digital Psionics]
  • EvsY – Don’t Dust My Cosmos [Sanaton Records]
  • Ghreg On Earth – Milk of the Umbra [Helicon Sound System]
  • Para Halu – Hara Palu [Kagdila Records]
  • Polyphonia – Floating Away [Dark Prisma Records]
  • Procs – All Around Us [Manic Dragon Records]
  • Tutankhamon 9000 – A Bulk of Hulks [Space Boogie Productions]


  1. Basilisk, thanks for you hard work! I have all of them, I’ll listen it, and write a comments :).

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