DJ Basilisk - Earthfest 2015


DJ Basilisk serves up a sizzling blend of neotrance, melodic techno, and progressive psytrance with Earthfest 2015, recorded live in the mountains of central Taiwan. This set showcases a lot of material from the Ektoplazm web site, particularly from the Digital Diamonds netlabel, as well as three unreleased tunes destined for release on Ben Rama’s newly-minted imprint, Techgnosis Records.

Track Listing

  1. 01 Der Interpret - Landfall Traum Schallplatten, 2014
  2. 02 Spektre - Reverion Toolroom Records, 2013
  3. 03 Flembaz - Lichen Blind Arc, 2014
  4. 04 Trilingo - Kalix Digital Diamonds, 2015
  5. 05 Trilingo - Luzoba (Ben Rama Remix) Techgnosis Records, 2015
  6. 06 Ark-E-Tech & Mecca - Look at Yourself Bassic Records, 2015
  7. 07 Zentrix - Dust (MYDÄ Remix) Techgnosis Records, 2016
  8. 08 Boris Brejcha - Spacecraft to Mars Harthouse Mannheim, 2014
  9. 09 Stephan Bodzin - IX Herzblut Recordings, 2015
  10. 10 Flembaz - Lubrsune Digital Diamonds, 2015
  11. 11 Stoertebeker - Artificial Structures Techgnosis Records, 2015
  12. 12 Ben Rama - Emergent Digital Diamonds, 2014
  13. 13 MYDÄ - Offtopic Digital Diamonds, 2015
  14. 14 Beat Bizarre - Amplifucked Iboga Records, 2013
  15. 15 Alic - Ma Soul Digital Diamonds, 2014
  16. 16 Oliver Lieb - Altiplano Fris!, 2013
  17. 17 Flembaz - Orobas (Ken Zo Remix) Techgnosis Records, 2015
  18. 18 Stoertebeker - Setzt Die Segel Techgnosis Records, 2016
  19. 19 Daäna - Absentia Digital Diamonds, 2014
  20. 20 Extrawelt & Dominik Eulberg - A Little Further (Not on a Map) Cocoon Recordings, 2014


  • Recorded mostly live at Earthfest 2015 in Nantou, Taiwan.
  • Due to technical issues with the original recording the last third of the mix was re-recorded at Head Shop Studios II in Zhongli, Taiwan, with a slightly different set of tracks.
  • Tagline: a sizzling blend of neotrance, melodic techno, and progressive psytrance.
  • 13,000 downloads and 14,000 listens as of March 2019.

Time Periods


  1. I’m glad you’re back! The new preview system that doesn’t use Adobe Flash is a very nice thing. But please put BPM values… I need them to only download albums with a certain value.

  2. Welcome back @Dj Basilisk :), glad to hear from you again, awesome mix btw 🙂

  3. I am not only glad, but really happy to see yo back, but I still prefer track after track for i like to listen each one individualy.

    even though, will listen to them wit expectation.

  4. what a huuuuuge sound.. thanks a lot.. i would love to hear you in action somewhere on huge field.

  5. such a great mix. Where do i find more like this?? 🙂 (mixtapes podcasts etc will work aswell!!)

  6. Wow so many of my favorite techno/progressive/minimal/… artists in one 1h40 mix, let’s go!!!

  7. Great mix, really nice flow. I wish more people would publish quality mixes like this…

  8. ¡Muy, muy buena recopilación! precisamente lo que he estado buscando este tiempo, gracias!!

  9. The tracks in this mix sound better together than apart, they are stronger as a whole more than the sum of their parts. Thank you for this mix!

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