Seven Years of Darkrave

This coming Saturday I will be playing a special Y2K retrospective set at the Darkrave 7 Year Anniversary party, their 80th. Expect to hear old tunes from The Delta, Infected Mushroom, Tim Schuldt, Cydonia, Logic Bomb, and other big names from the turn of the millennium.

In hindsight, it can be said that the regular Darkrave and R351570R events helped to shape the nature of psychedelic nightlife in Toronto in the early part of this decade. An unlikely fusion of high-tech industrial and mind-altering trance resulted in a rare hybrid: the cybergoth aesthetic. This countercultural crossbreed, still thriving in cities like London and San Francisco, has never been very widespread. Toronto is one of the few places in the world where you could find fluorodelic hippies stomping alongside cyborgs decked out in gas masks and big furry boots.

Although such observations are usually beneath notice, I have long held an appreciation for the diverse qualities of my hometown dance floors. As the one who channels the music, it is always a thrill to see everyone stomping to the same beat. I have been working hard selecting the right mix of classic material to share this Saturday, and hope many will be in attendance to celebrate seven long years of Darkrave.