Synaptic FX - Round Revue

Round Revue was the first house-oriented set I played in my hometown after returning from my first sojourn in Taiwan. People were more accustomed to seeing me playing psytrance so I had fun flipping the script and playing a selection of tunes that had worked wonders on East Asian dance floors over the course of the previous year.


Synaptic FX - Future Architect

Synaptic FX presents Future Architect, a blend of neotrance, pop techno, and deep house. This set crosses between many different styles and moods in a journey through contemporary 80s-influenced dance music.


Synaptic FX - Slight Return

Slight Return starts deep and builds slowly, touching on many different moods and styles as it unfolds, blending elements of house, techno, and trance. It was also a farewell set of sorts—a heartfelt parting gift to my hometown—not a “goodbye” but a “see you later!”…