Trust In Trance 2


The second edition of Trust In Trance is an important milestone in Israeli trance history. Although billed as a compilation featuring four separate acts, this release was the work of three producers: Lior Perlmutter, Avi Nissim, and Yan-Iv Haviv (with a guest appearance by DJ Jörg Kessler on the eternal Mahadeva). In their shifting permutations as SFX, Aban Don, and Mantra, this release captures the legendary Astral Projection at the moment of formation, channelling divine inspiration into shimmering, emotive melodies and pulsating trance rhythms. Blasting tunes like Power Gen and State of Mind still pack a punch, while songs like Celestial Groove and Hypnotica demonstrate a softer, more sensitive touch. While the entire compilation (or album, if you prefer) remains quite listenable, it is not without weak moments, and the flow is somewhat inconsistent. The group was clearly searching for their sound, which ultimately crystallized on Dancing Galaxy in 1997. Even so, this landmark release still ranks among the best of 1995.


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