Transwave - Hypnorhythm EP


Despite being listed as an “EP” or “mini album”, Transwave’s debut on Step 2 House Records clocks in at 63 minutes in length, more than enough time to demonstrate the raw talent of French producers Frédéric Holyszewski (later known as Deedrah) and Christof Drouillet (Absolum). Most of these tunes sound rough around the edges; the production quality isn’t great and many of the arrangements are undisciplined, but the ideas and spirit are clearly evident. Pretty much all of these tunes were eclipsed in quality and concept by twin albums released the following year (Helium and Phototropic), but there are a few shining moments here, mostly on Hypersphere, Goacore, and Adoration to the Aum. Overall, it’s an odd release that will probably only be of interest to the most dedicated collectors and fans of early Goa trance, but it certainly retains some historic value.


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