TIP Yellow


The debut compilation from TIP Records captures the essence of Goa trance in all its shimmering, hallucinogenic glory, at its moment of stylistic genesis. No formal name appears on the release but initial test pressings described it as the “Yellow LP”. Nowadays we generally call it TIP Yellow or the Yellow Compilation, as it was the first of many classic releases to feature the same graphic in different chromatic permutations. As for the music, just have a glance at the track list: all but the last two are all-time classics, and it would be impossible to name only a few favorites. What explains this consistent level of quality? Simon Posford produced or engineered seven out of the eleven tracks on this compilation, which probably has something to do with it. At any rate, if you want to hear the absolute best of the old school, this genre-defining triumph should be your first stop.


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