The First Orbit


The First Orbit is the debut full-length release from Planet Rhythm Records, originally founded in Sweden in 1994. Gathered here is a solid collection of hard trance and fast, upbeat techno, most of which had already been released on vinyl. The track listing might seem unfamiliar at first—but behind these projects are some of the biggest names in Swedish techno: Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlbäck, and Robert Leiner, among others. In the early 1990s these producers were still developing their style and experimenting with a wide range of tempos. This approach briefly intersected with a somewhat more teutonic, trance-inducing vibe before veering off into slower, more stripped-down, funk-oriented, and mechanistic realms in the years that followed. Definitely worth a listen if you’re already a fan of Harthouse and other labels exploring the interface between early 90s hard techno and trance music. Top picks: Genecom’s Sunchase and Silicon Dreams, Leiner’s I Come in Peace, and Vector’s Mental Hunter.


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