Mind Over Rhythm & Plaid - Planet Luv


This curious album unites the skillful audio manipulations of Mind Over Rhythm (Alan C. Hill and Dave Hill, presumably brothers), who provide roughly two-thirds of the material, with several contributions by IDM legends Plaid. The style is firmly rooted in the British tradition of warm, analog techno experimentations, focusing more on regular beat patterns than the abstract breakbeats you would normally expect with Plaid’s involvement (although there are hints of that as well). Ambient techno had peaked by 1995 so this album feels like something of an afterthought, but it shows considerable maturity and is plenty of fun to get lost with for a while. Even the title is quite whimsical; though I have shortened it somewhat, the text on the cover reads Mind Over Rhythm Meets the Men From Plaid on the Planet Luv. Top picks: Uncharted Territory and Departure.


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