Guy Sebbag & Gal Carmy - In Trance


In Trance is an obscure early Goa trance album by Israeli pioneers Guy Sebbag and Gal Carmy. Although Carmy has few other credits to his name, Sebbag regularly collaborated with Israeli heavyweights Har-El Prussky, Yan-Iv Haviv, Avi Nissim, and Lior Perlmutter (better known as Astral Projection). Despite these associations this particular album is often overlooked, possibly because of its rarity, or perhaps the pure and innocent style sounds unremarkable at first listen. Whatever the case, this is a surprisingly polished album that has held up remarkably well over the years, particularly for fans of pure melodic and morning trance. Highlights: The Golden Way, Vacuum Planet, and Over Seas, which includes a guest appearance by Serge Souque of Total Eclipse.


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