Echölab - Real Delay


Echölab is a collaboration between two Swedish trance veterans: Tomasz Balicki (Atmos) and Henrik Jonsson (Stress Assassin). They first worked together on the Overlap album released on Flying Rhino Records back in 2001. This record appears to be their last; the project has been inactive ever since.

Real Delay is a silky-smooth progressive tune that glides along with a tropical vibe. Tightly wrapped in an atmospheric cocoon, the lazy tribal groove is simply ideal. Wailing guitars seem to sprawl across the soundscape, emphasizing the seductive qualities of this wonderful creation. Subtle samples can be heard along the way: “closer, lean closer”. The results are incredibly alluring—what a gorgeous song!

The other side features a remix by Junk, an alias of Benji Vaughan (Prometheus) and Joe Williams (of The Light). They do justice to the original, strengthening the beat and twisting the atmospheric programming in subtle yet noticeable ways. What really sets this apart is the treatment of that lovely bass line. Over time, it evolves from a fragmented groove into a steadier one that is remarkably addictive.

After many years and countless listens this record has revealed itself to be of the highest quality. It is rare to come across a pairing as complimentary as this one is; the original and the remix are both very good. I strongly recommend this to all fans of deep progressive house with a psychedelic touch. This is possibly ACDC’s finest release.


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