Earth Nation - Terra Incognita


Earth Nation is one of many projects from the prolific German trance and ambient producer Ralf Hildenbeutel. Although guitarist Marcus Deml is credited on most Earth Nation tunes from the same era, Terra Incognita appears to feature only Ralf’s solo productions under this guise. If you’re already familiar with the Eye Q Records sound you know what to expect: dreamy electronic dance music and chill out on the boundaries of conventional progressive trance and its more psychedelic manifestations. Personally I prefer hearing several of these songs outside the context of the album—those disposable interludes do nothing for me—but there’s no arguing with the obvious quality of this release, as long as you’re open to this more melodic side of trance anyway. Highlights: Elucidate (exclusive to this album), Green Sky is Red, and An Artificial Dream.


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