Beat Bizarre - BBEP


BBEP is a five-track digital single from the influential Danish psytrance group Beat Bizarre, one of the leading artists on Iboga Records and a group widely known for their distinctive blend of clean, cold, and minimal psychedelic grooves. It features three original compositions and a pair of remastered classics, both of which are sure to appeal to longtime fans.

The Moon Tune is an evocative piece of minimal trance that relies on a simple arrangement of sounds to get the job done. An eerie howl pierces the frigid atmosphere during several key transitions, increasing tension. The overall effect is one of suspense; one can imagine being lost out on the mist-shrouded barrows some dreadful night, far from civilization. This song tells a story and sounds great while doing so. Pure quality!

Tulis Track is grounded by a distinctive twist of its underlying bass line. Mysterious atmospheric patterns trace hidden geometries in the air while innumerable sound particles flash into existence and promptly dissipate. It lacks any sort of distinct melody but is no less enjoyable; this song is charged with magnetic energy.

Pop The Question was originally released on a TIP World vinyl single and CD compilation in 2002—a most surreal occurrence given that label’s predilection for crowd-pleasing full-on. This tune is a subtle piece of trance: sly, tempered, pulsating, and slightly tribal. It has been remastered for this release but still sounds a little dated.

The second remastered track is an incredibly advanced work of trance taken from the Tabernanthe 2 compilation: Stalactite. The shimmering crystalline sound of this visionary epic is surprisingly stimulating to the imagination. The name of the song acts as the key: it inspires vivid impressions of a cavernous space, deep below the surface—a sort of ornate underground cathedral. I see, in my mind’s eye, glittering gemstones arranged with geometric precision, kaleidoscopic patterns of light reflecting from their polished faces. The key breakdown is something else—you just have to hear it!

Drive is one of the very few downtempo releases from Beat Bizarre. It is similar in construction to their more upbeat work despite the broken beat. The most significant feature is a memorable melodic cascade recognizable from the song Dreamdancer by Liquid Soul. Overall I find this track to be nothing special.

Beat Bizarre and Iboga Records have assembled an excellent assortment of tunes for BBEP. The remastered version of Stalactite is an instant classic and several of the originals are also quite good. BBEP is a great choice for existing fans and also serves well as an introduction to the unique Beat Bizarre sound.


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