Album Artwork: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Globular’s debut album A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is a monumental work of psychedelic dub with a great deal of thought and heart put into it. The recording artist and I had several email exchanges in which we discussed the meaning and intent behind the album. From these discussions I designed a cover exploring the idea of biological life as a self-emergent property of the universe. The elements of this design are fairly straight-forward and self-explanatory: the spiral snail shell of time representing the evolution of life in the cosmos, the movement from the cold, dusty reaches of outer space (at left) to the warmth and vitality of biological activity (at right), and the catalytic spark of plasma (energy) blazing outward from the depths. On the back cover the spiral theme is repeated with the use of an unfurling bracken (fern), implying that terrestrial life is somehow destined to propagate throughout the emptinesses between the stars and seed (or spore, rather) this vast universe of ours.


I am indebted to Luc Viator (for Creative Commons-licensed images of the bracken, snail shell, and plasma ball) as well as NASA (for astronomic images in the public domain).


This cover is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.