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Welcome to the homepage of Basilisk, a veteran DJ, label owner, and electronic music curator equally interested in exploring cutting edge sounds and unearthing lost classics from the archives. This site showcases my mixes, charts, reviews, and published articles pertaining to psytrance, techno, house, IDM, electro, breaks, ambient, and adjacent genres. My primary focus in the early 2020s is mixcraft, profiling specific styles and movements, exploring the possibilities of long-form, cross-genre mixing, and generally improving my production skills to maximize the quality of my output.

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Introduction 2019

Welcome to my homepage, a newly launched blog organized around my activities in the electronic music scene. My intention is to pick up where I left off with my old blog, Ektoplazm, which evolved into a music distribution portal and record label group in 2008. Prior to that I had been sharing my mixes, local Toronto-area event listings, record…


The Beginner’s Guide to Ektoplazm

This post exists to introduce outsiders to Ektoplazm, the free music portal I founded back in 2006. Over the years it grew to be the world’s #1 source of free and legal psytrance, techno, and downtempo music, a niche market in which I inadvertently became tremendously influential. I will begin with a brief explanation of what psytrance is, outline…


The Making of Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips

I prepared this post to provide some insight into the making of Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips, a “best of” compilation highlighting some of the finest music I’ve had the pleasure of distributing via Ektoplazm, the free music portal I launched in the mid-2000s. The site grew from humble beginnings to become a major focal point for psychedelic trance culture…